Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • As 80%-100% of the goods are Produced and packed.
  • Inspection has done according to Accepted Quality Level (AQL) samplingstandards and procedures.
  • The Inspection ensures that the Product conformity is in accordance with the specifications as required by Customer.

Inline / Midline Inspection

  • The Product is inspected (Product Audit) when the Production Process has been start to verify the requirement of product specifications, packaging, packing and Tagging.
  • If any Non conformity has observed, it shall be advised to vendor to take corrective action to achieve product conformity and time schedule.

Pre- Inspection

  • Pre-Inspection has done to ensure Product design has reviewed, sample has aide available at site Specification has maintained and communicated for the manufacturing.
  • Pre-Inspection focus mainly on the Specification and quality of the material and accessories used in the process. Pre-Inspection can be cover C-TPAT requirement additionally, subject to buyer requirement.

Container Stuffing Inspection

  • Container stuffing Inspection has done at manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises.
  • It covers checks the quantity of the goods to be shipped to make sure that the required products will be delivered.
  • Inspection has done to assess and ensure that the container are in good condition, and that the entire cargo is loaded according to the quantity specified in the P/O or Container load checklist provided by buyer.