In any case where a child is found working for any of the Company producing products, rather than dismissing the child regardless, we will request the factory to seek and find a satisfactory solution taken into account the child’s interests, towards bringing about an improvement in the child’s personal situation. Providing that the factories prove that the work is clearly aimed at training, not interfering in the child’s’ education. The child shall also be properly compensated.

We, acknowledge “UN Convention of the Rights of the Child”, which clearly expresses that a person is a
child until the age of 15. if however local minimum age law is set at 14 yrs of age in accordance with the developing countries ( exception under ILO Conv. 138, Art. 2.4) then exceptionally, the lower age will apply. We strongly recommend to make sure that employees in the age group of 15 to 18 years are treated as “young workers”, setting clear limits for working hours and overtime.

2) Forced labor
Company will not support the use of forced labor (personnel who have not offered their labor voluntarily) or who suffer illegal restriction, by not being free to withdraw from the labor contract. Restriction means among others being required to lodge “deposits” (not paid wages) or identity papers upon commencing employment with the company

3) Health and Safety
Company emphasizes to provide a healthy working environment and appropriate sanitary facilities, the worker's safety being a priority. A system to detect, avoid or respond to potential threats to health and safety of all personnel should be established.