Effluent Treatment Plant

The treated water will be odour free & transparent. This type of effluent treatment plants are suitable for Dairy, Electroplat-ing, Dyeing, P.C.B.Units, Meat Processing Units, Organic Fertilizers, Appartments, Commercial complexes, Residential colonies etc. The above Effluent Treatment Plant is based on the treatment of higher discharge started from 400 m3/day & having higher range of parameters like B.O.D., C.O.D., Oil & Grease, Suspended Solids, Total Dissolved Solids. This kind of Effluent Treatment Plant is suitable for Sugar Mills, Pulp & Paper Mills, Distilleries, Large Dairy, Slaughter Houses & Sewage Treatment Plants. This is a general layout of Effluent Treatment Plant, On the base of discharge and quality of parameters few more kind of pollution control devices are being added to achieve the desired limits.

Note : CONSTRAARCH – ENVIRO has been installed so many effluent treatment plants in different Industries. CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO is providing all the parameters within the norms as laid down by the polluion control board. CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO is designing, manufcaturing & installing all kind of pollution control equipments as per the required treatment of waste water & Air pollutants. If you have any problem / Querry, feel free to contact us.

Effluent Treatment Plant-01 Effluent Treatment Plant-02