Effluent Treatment Plant

CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO has designed and installed many kinds of Effluent Treatment Plant in different industries. We have developed Compact type Mechanical Effluent Treatment Plant. We have installed compact mechanical effluent treatment plant in Electroplating units for treatment of waste water generated from Cyanide section, Phosphating section, Nickel section, Chrome section etc., Dying Units, Meat Processing Units, Automobile industries, P.C.B. Industries etc. The treatment is based on the required treatment for the waste water. Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant is used for small dairy, Meat Process & sewage treatment plant. We are providing activated sludge Process based Effluent Treatment Plant. We are considered as one of the one of the most outstanding Effluent Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers from India.

CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO has been installed

Several number of compact mechanical effluent treatment plant in different industries as per the treatment required for the waste water arises from the process. All the effluent treatment plants are result oriented & the parameters are within the norms as fixed by the pollution control board. The area requirement is very less compared to civil constructed one and others companies too. The capacity of this type of Compact Mechanical Effluent / Sewage treatment plant ranges from 25 m3/day to 600m3/day. The electric consumption & chemical consumption is also very less. This kind of Effluent/ Sewage treatment Plant is consist of mild steel and lined with first layer of rubber and second layer of P.V.C. All the assessories are anti corrosive. The Effluent treatment plant has got following units for treatment i.e. Oil & Grease Trap, Mixing Tank, Reaction Tank, Primary Settling Tank, Sludge Drying Beds, Filtration Unit & Chemical dosing tanks, Plateform with three sides coverup, Sludge mesh, Interconnecting pipes, raw effluent pump. The Effluent treatment plant has designed to provide you all the parameters within the norms with safety too. You will achieve B.O.D. < 25 mg /Lt., C.O.D. < 150 mg /Lt., Suspended Solids < 60 mg / Lt., Total Dissolved Solids < 1200 mg / Lt. & Oil & Grease < 10 mg / Lt.