• No Child Labor & No Forced Labor.
  • No Discrimination.
  • Legal Departmental Documents.
  • Working Hour.
  • Wages and Compensation.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Welfare.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response.
  • Environmental Protection and Improvement.
  • Chemical Handling and Uses.
  • Management System.

Benefits of Factory Compliance

A Compliance factory can expect some of the following benefits

  • A highly motivated workforce, resulting in better worker conditions.
  • Enforcing humane conditions may lead to higher quality and large quantity products.
  • Continual improvement and better supply chain management.
  • In a business environment where social issues are increasing, is a chance to gain a competitive edge, attract new customers and enter new markets while giving the company and its managers “social peace of mind”.
  • Implementing the code of conduct can significantly increase business.
  • Will also give the company a better position in the global market. The clear commitment to social and ethical standards will make it easier for a company to attract well trained and skilled staff – a factor which is seen as the key success factor in the next millennium.