Air Pollution Control System

We have been installed Air Pollution Control Systems for capturing air pollutants in Sugar Mills,Paper Mills, Electroplating/PhosphatingUnits, P.C.B. Units and many more. CONSTRAARCH - ENVIRO has installed Wet Scrubber in Sugar Mills, Electroplating Units, Paper Mills and Electroplating Units.The use of wet scrubber to arrest acidic fumes and to arrest suspended particulate matters. Our wet scrubber system is suitable to get down sspended particulate matters < 125 mg/Nm3. The system has designed with less consumption of electric & easily removal of fly ashes.CONSTRAARCH-ENVIRO is utilising waste water for capturing of suspended matters. No fresh water is being used by us for wet scrubbing system. The pressure drop will be less upto 50 mm W.C. Due to use of waste water in the process fresh water requirement is zero. The waste water load on effluent treatment plant will become less as per the charter plan of Central Pollution Control Board.

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